“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to
experience the world in the way they have been told to.”
-Alan Keightley

The thirst for freedom is such an intrinsic part of our nature that it can never fully be suppressed. And yet it would seem that is exactly what some people try to do. They attach themselves to obligations that they grow to resent. They assume responsibilities that aren’t truly theirs. Or they accumulate so many things that it restricts their mobility.

For these reasons and myriad others, the idea of personal freedom remains on the periphery of most people’s reality. Through their choices alone, they become their own jailers. They enslave themselves.

In a well-known analogy from Plato’s The Republic, the human predicament is likened to being imprisoned in a cave, wherein we mistake as reality the shadows cast on the walls from the outside world. It is only upon release from the cave that the prisoners discover that an entire other reality exists.

Many people accept without challenge the conventional lifestyle template. They accept all the trends and conditions of their lives without ever investigating the true cost to their independence.

As a personal strategy, you could do a lot worse than to adopt a resolute refusal to allow your freedom to be put in jeopardy. Regardless if it’s by your possessions, your career, a former love, or a previous investment. The moment you begin to feel confined by your situation is a foolproof sign that an adjustment needs to be made.

You can be free – you just need to experience the world differently from how you’ve been told to.

Welcome to From Out Of The Cave. The articles throughout this site focus on ways to achieve freedom through minimalism and simple living. It is my hope that they provide you with practical ideas and inspiration in helping you find your freedom, and lead you towards experiencing a more rewarding and deliberate way of living. In a series of posts entitled Freedom’s Enemy I target specific areas where people willingly submit to their own bondage – physically, emotionally, and mentally. You’re free to roam and your comments are welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Marty Rollins


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