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A man needs purpose. Without it he is adrift – oarless in an ocean of waning possibility. Adapting to his days rather than designing and building them. Accepting mediocrity from himself and his friends.

It’s a heartbreaking episode to see a man dissociated from his purpose. He works for money, going to a job that is unrelated to his driving interests. This makes him weak. He lives one shallow moment after another, going nowhere profound. This makes him empty. He dicks around in his relationships with a sense of falsity and constraint. This makes him impotent.

Alas, when a man is in touch with his core desires, and he aligns his life accordingly, he fires on all cylinders – slicing through his affairs with a razor edge.

When he lives unswervingly by the power of his heart purpose, he vanishes in the bliss of injecting the world with the gifts of his heart.

Find your purpose if it’s the only thing you do this year. Live the truth of your life.

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  1. You’re off to a great start with this blog — and a nice new chapter in your life too.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog this week. I appreciate you taking the time, and I hope you’ll be a regular reader and contributor to my ever-more-vibrant commenting community.

    I have an open-door policy about guest posts, and I’d love to publish a guest post from you when you’re ready.

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