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As little as 200 years ago kings and queens lived in stone castles, relatively safe from the elements and the danger of intruders. They always had enough to eat and occasionally held feasts, eating until they were stuffed. After dinner, musicians, court jesters, and even live theatre, were summoned with a snap of the fingers.

The royal wardrobe kept the ruling monarchs warm and dry. And they got new clothes at least once a year.

The monarchy was whisked from kingdom to kingdom, via chauffeured carriage, within a matter of days or weeks.

These people lived a royal existence, true. But they didn’t have it nearly as good as you. Compared to your ancestors, and even to nearly 90% of the rest of the world today, you are insanely wealthy.

Your homes have indoor plumbing, electric heating and lighting. The thread count of your clothing would have made your garments the most coveted in the land back in the middle ages. A car, computer, or even a bicycle back then, would have been considered the most valuable possession planet-wide.

And yet many live under the rather absurd delusion that they are living in lack.

This delusion, generously fueled by corporations in the business of manufacturing dissatisfaction, would be recognized for the utter lunacy it is if every member of Western society weren’t also suffering from it.

And the truth is that this delusion is making a hell of a mess of things.

The idea that we still mightn’t have enough is not only doing tremendous damage by contributing to the depletion of Earth’s resources, it is causing its inhabitants to trade their lives for those of indentured servitude – by buying into a predatory system and reinforcing its power over them.

Most people can’t see the riches around them. With our selective perceptions, we can choose to either create scarcity or abundance.

For an instantly more rewarding life, choose the latter.

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