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“The first step is the hardest.”
-Marie de Vichy-Chamrond

In North America, self storage is the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry and has been for the last 30 years, amassing over $25 billion in annual revenues (2010).  The industry even maintained it’s position of growth during the economic recession of 2008, prompting Wall Street analysts to call the industry “recession resistant”. 

This is mind-blowing to me.  This indicates that there may be several people out there wondering how they’re going to get by for the next year, but are still willing to rent out a second home for their stuff.

If you’re working your way towards a lifestyle of simplicity, the concept of storage screws up minimalist ideals like Euclidian theory screws up mathematics.

Do you have an area in or around your home where you have items stored, or worse, you are paying someone else to house your stuff at a storage facility?  If so, this is the de facto starting point of your mission. You need to be judicious with these meaningless things that you obviously don’t use or love enough to keep in your home.

The simplest thing you can do here is to stop paying the storage fees. The company will probably just assume you’ve died and dispose of, or sell off, the junk themselves.  Would that really be so bad?  You’ve already physically detached yourself from these things.  Can you even recall what any of it is?  Perhaps the question to ask is:  “Am I getting fair value out of the money that it costs me to store the things I never use?”

By scaling down the amount of possessions you own, you can effectively “recession-proof” yourself, becoming more flexible and avoiding the tremendous cost of keeping and maintaining a house (or more) full of junk.

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